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Can you imagine going to a restaurant and seeing Iron Man/ Tony Stark/ RDJ just chillin'?

Young Johnny!!!

, Johnny Depp is a true character and can pull off any principle given the opportunity. You need a little man to run around with a clock frustrated at the time like he's just had his coffee break? Teenage Johnny Depp is your go to guy.

heather joker

I really loved Heath Ledger as an actor no matter what movie he had a role in. My most favorite movie of all time that he starred in was The Dark Knight. I can honestly admit that I fell in love with Heath Ledger and him as the Joker.

my pleasure, adam

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heavy sigh.

3 Rules for Life. Fuck Don't Give a Fuck Don't Get Fucked Over.That's fucking right! And a nice pic of Robert Downey Jr. smoking a cigar to top it off.