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    Knitting Baby Blankets

    Knitting Baby Blankets

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    Diamond Mesh Slipped stitch | Knitting Stitch Patterns

    Diamond Mesh | Knitting Stitch Patterns

    baby blanket knitting pattern | baby blanket | a little old fashioned

    baby blanket | a little old fashioned

    Sweet baby blanket and free pattern!

    Ravelry: Alex's Blanket pattern by Auroraknit

    Ravelry: Cathedral pattern by Marjorie Dussaud - like the stitch pattern

    Cathedral pattern by Marjorie Dussaud

    Ravelry: Simply Elegant Baby Blanket pattern by Carolyn Block

    Simply Elegant Baby Blanket pattern by Carolyn Block

    Ravelry: Twinkle Twinkle Blanket pattern by Helen Stewart

    Twinkle Twinkle Baby Blanket pattern by Helen Stewart

    How to Knit a Baby Blanket for Any Nursery

    How to Knit a Baby Blanket for Any Nursery

    Ravelry: Duschinka's Honeycomb Blanket - free

    Ravelry: Duschinka's Honeycomb Rainbow Blanket
    • Keetha Naguleswaran
      Keetha Naguleswaran

      Really nice. Where can I get the pattern for this?

    • Sherlock Rhodes
      Sherlock Rhodes

      Keetha Naguleswaran Red Heart. If you click on the picture it takes you to the Ravelry page and they have a link in the notes. If you don't have a Ravelry account, you should get one. It's the greatest thing to happen to knitting.

    • wendy schmidt
      wendy schmidt

      Not very friendly, unable to get further than the picture, all it says is return to the tour ???

    • Sherlock Rhodes
      Sherlock Rhodes

      Wendy, you probably don't have a ravelry account. I highly recommend one though.

    • wendy schmidt
      wendy schmidt

      Thank you

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    Baby Blanket by Debbie Bliss

    Ravelry: tara80's Baby Blanket
    • Pintrest

      Could you please share this pattern

    • Mary

      so nice thank you

    • Ruth Hall
      Ruth Hall

      Jeanne, if you look where it says pattern and click where it says shawl, it will take you to the original page on ravelry. The pattern is from the book "special knits, 22 gorgeous Handknits for baby & toddlers" by Debbie Bliss.

    • Janice Iburg
      Janice Iburg

      Debbie. I can't find this pattern and would love to make it for myself. Can you help me

    • Ruth Hall
      Ruth Hall

      Janice, if you read my previous comment it tells you where to find the pattern :)

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    Garter Stitch Baby Blanket

    Garter Stitch Baby Blanket | Knitting Sunshine
    • Audrey Lawrence
      Audrey Lawrence

      look on for the pattern

    • Ev dryden
      Ev dryden

      I love this blanket and I would like to knit it too.

    • Beatrice Bankole
      Beatrice Bankole

      This pattern is fantastic

    • Beatrice Bankole
      Beatrice Bankole

      Where can I get this pattern from please?

    • Audrey Lawrence
      Audrey Lawrence

      Beatrice the pattern is on

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    Free Pattern: Elegant & Easy Old Shale Baby Blanket by MaryAnn Designs

    Ravelry: dragonfly9712's Old Shale Pink
    • Linda Hughes-Wilson
      Linda Hughes-Wilson

      Lark, do u have the pattern you would share??

    • Lark Blank Milisits
      Lark Blank Milisits

      Linda, the pattern is available for free on

    • Linda Hughes-Wilson
      Linda Hughes-Wilson

      Thank you so much!! I will start this weekend!!

    • fay tisdell
      fay tisdell


    • Alexis Brooks
      Alexis Brooks

      thank you for this. I wanted to knit something nice for my niece

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    free pattern - ravelry

    Ravelry: Vlad's Owlets pattern by Siobhain Rivera
    • Naomi Mimi Howard
      Naomi Mimi Howard

      I love this one :) are those anchors along the edges?

    Free Pattern: Feather Lace Cowl by Ewelina Murach

    Ravelry: Feather Lace Cowl KNIT-A-LONG pattern by Ewelina Murach


    Babies Pram/Moses Blanket - Knitting Pattern | Felt
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    Ravelry: Malt pattern by tincanknits

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    • Evodia Chiodras
      Evodia Chiodras

      beautiful baby blanket..where can I find the pattern?

    • Alicia Savage
      Alicia Savage

      Love this blanket!

    • Audrey Lawrence
      Audrey Lawrence

      Pattern on

    How to build a log cabin.

    How To Build A Log Cabin.
    • Marcia Ball
      Marcia Ball

      This looks like fun!

    Whit's Knits: Chevron Baby Blanket by the purl bee, via Flickr

    Ravelry: Chevron Baby Blanket pattern by Purl Soho

    Free Pattern: Project Linus Security Blanket by Project Linus

    Ravelry: Neptune's Baby blanket

    Gingham Knit Blanket

    Pinned from
    • Liliana Horjea
      Liliana Horjea


    • Techa

      Lovely blanket. I would love to know how to make it

    Free Pattern: Project Linus Security Blanket by Project Linus

    Ravelry: Neptune's Baby blanket
    • Jenny Wong
      Jenny Wong

      Thanks, pretty pattern

    • Barbara Whitebirch
      Barbara Whitebirch

      Like, how do I get the complete pattern?

    • Marlene Kerkhoff
      Marlene Kerkhoff

      Yes how do we get the complete pattern

    • Alex Williams
      Alex Williams

      How can I get the pattern. Lost mine.

    • Kathy Gendron
      Kathy Gendron

      While in Ravelry, click on the pattern title and a new page will come up with the pattern.

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    Free Pattern: Leafy Baby Blanket by Leyla Alieva

    Ravelry: LaMagliaia's Claire's Leafy Blanket
    • Shafei Chang
      Shafei Chang


    • wun pong
      wun pong


    Raindrops on Roses Shawl by IrishGirlieKnit. She must like Sound of Music.

    Jackie's Stitches: Raindrops on Raspberries

    baby blanket. So easy but it looks beautiful and is soft and squishy. CO 144. Row 1: K1, YO, K3, K2tog, K2tog, K3, YO, K1, repeat. Row 2: Purl. Row 3: Knit.

    Ravelry: MichelleHarris' Wavy baby blanket
    • Pat Coffey
      Pat Coffey

      Thanks for the pattern what size needles? Thanks

    • Ashley Marie
      Ashley Marie

      yeah...I am wondering the same thing, what size needles?

    • Linda  Rae Hall
      Linda Rae Hall

      Makes size 36" X 36".. it said to use size 9 needles for light yarn ply, and size 10 needles for medium yarn ply. Have fun.

    • Beverly Plourde Vakalis
      Beverly Plourde Vakalis

      Going to try this pattern for baby blanket

    • Jan Ammann
      Jan Ammann

      I would like to find this pattern. I signed on and could not locate the pattern. I will appreciate any one's help.... Thanks

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    Baby Ripple Blanket Cast on 150 sts. Do not join. Working back and forth across needle in rows, proceed as follows: 1st row: Knit. 2nd row: *K1. yo. K5. Sl1. K2tog. psso. K5. yo. K1. Rep from * to end of row. 3rd row: Purl. These 3 rows form pattern. Cont in pat until Blanket measures approx 40 ins [101.5 cm] long, ending with a 1st row. Cast off.

    Knit Ripple Blanket
    • Joyce Cureau
      Joyce Cureau

      Please cancel.

    Sugarplums blanket by Danielle Chalson

    Ravelry: Sugarplums Blanket pattern by Danielle Chalson
    • Beth Falco
      Beth Falco

      It's beautiful. Where can I get the pattern?

    • Mary

      very pretty thank you