Peut-être y as-il certaine couleurs qui ne sont pas a votre goût. Mais voyez dans l'ensemble comme nous sommes magnifiques!

Minecraft sheep in real life? - Freshly dyed sheep run in view of the highway near Bathgate, Scotland. The sheep farmer has been dying his sheep with NONTOXIC dye since 2007 to entertain passing motorists.

Youpi!!!  l'hiver est fini.

Happy `Spring is here' dance

Pour Jéhovah nous sommes tous pareils,nous avons tous le previlege d'avoir été choisi par lui.

Traffic Jam in Scotland. I would have to stop myself from jumping and rolling in that cloud of sheep!

Enfin!!! Le Paradis!

What are ewe looking at? Peak Photography Competition 2012 - Scottish sheep in the Highlands by Helena Jones

Ha non ! l'hivers est arriver,ne me laissez pas toute seul ,venez me voir ,promis???

i need a house that comes with a sheep standing in the hallway.

Allez les petites brebis ,c'est pas le temps de lâcher là On arrive!

Crush Cul de Sac, I want to go here

Une chance que j'ai mon maris quand l'hivers arrive.Sinon je ferai dure .Merci mon amour d'être là pour moi xxx.

Country Winter Sheep and Snow

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“Sheepish” by Karena Goldfinch

Beautiful Wild animals pictures and Nature Photo Gallery ~ UNUSUAL THINGs Photos of Wild Animals Captured from Just a Few Feet Away.

Sheep Family

harvestheart: Family of Sheep in West Virginia , Charlotte Geary Photography (via TumbleOn)

Sheep mom and baby

Know that the LORD is God. It is He who made us, and we are His; we are His people, the sheep of His pasture. Just wanna be His sheep. Just wanna be like Jesus, beautiful Lamb of God.

In Winter Season

And they made a path. That was white. Like they painted the path white?

Love these markings.

Adorable black and white lamb.I want!

John 10:27  27	My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me:

Love this picture~The shepherd and his sheep in a beautiful path through the trees - Pixdaus

Bunbury's Bees & Other Eccentricities

Bad Hair Day~Lots of long hair on these sheep.

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hello world - fine lamb photography (and so farm fresh) - image hard backed. Awww, so sweet for a baby room, just love it!

"Untitled" ~ Photo by emily.scott - A very cute lamb

Black-faced Lamb > I Love Animals & Nature

Louise, a 6 day old Cotswold Ewe...So cute!

In my next life I'll have a sweet little farm, including baby lambs. They remind me of Jesus . silent as a lamb - yet fully God.