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Invite and Delight: Minute to Win It Party

New family game night How's It Hangin' Contestant attaches a banana on a string around his/her waist so it dangles from the ground in front of them. In 60 seconds, they must move an orange across the room and into a hula hoop using only the banana.

Two Crazy Cub Masters: Ice Cream Social

Two Crazy Cub Masters: Ice Cream Social The other game we played - you have one person down on the ground with an ice cream cone in their mouth. Then the person above has to try to fill up the cone by dropping mini marshmallows into the cone.

Welcome to SunnysideCottageArt and thank you for stopping by.  Add some fun and keep your family or guests entertained with this Christmas Right & Left story/game. Heres how it goes: Each family member, guest or friend has a present to exchange. Everyone sits in a circle as the story is read. They follow the directions below: As I read this story, whenever you hear the word RIGHT, continuously pass the gifts to the RIGHT until you hear the word LEFT, then switch direction and continuously…

Winter "Right & Left" story/game in reds and greens, baby or bridal shower game, hilarious party/family game by SunnysideCottageArt

Certificate of Participation (for participating in a race or running event).

Running certificate templates free & customizable to award athletes for participating in race events or for those training for races.