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Welcome to The Hotel California...such a lovely place...

The Hotel California - Santa Monica, California by Al_HikesAZ. You can check out anytime you like by you can never leave.

Goodbye October, Hello November  – The Blissfully Exhausted Mama

Goodbye October, Hello November – The Blissfully Exhausted Mama

We ended with a complicated goodbye that I don't think u r truly over yet. Even tho u say that u r.   I'm glad high school starts next year, I can get away from u even tho we both still luv each other, were torturing ourselves since we t both involved w/ others. Sincerely, ur padawan.

it was a simple hello and then being best friends for 4 years and then we told each other we loved each other but life decided to take a big turn and make us have a very complicated goodbye. i guess we where better off being best friends

:) kiss of romance

I think this is from the Hallmark movie The Lost Valentine, which is set during WWII and the present-day. this was such a sweet movie. I cried a lot hahaha