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Social Work/Psychology

Social Work/Psychology

  • 141 Pins unpeeled orange floats, while an peeled orange sinks...Object lesson about "standing in holy places" and having our "armor" on will help keep us from sinking.

Child of PTSD: Book offers first-hand account of 2nd-generation trauma

Lorinda-Character Education: Be a Detective & Asking A ? Without Blame; Conflict Resolution 4

The Art of Self-Disclosure in Therapy by Social Work Career Development < some of the key take-aways from Janine Roberts, Ed.D.'s talk about "Therapist Self-Disclosure"...

Helpful tool for understanding a range of behaviours and offers practical suggestions.

Free PDF assessments based on the DSM-5...goldmine!

Core Concepts of Theraplay®

There Are Two Types of Thinkers: Abundance and Scarcity. Which One Are You?

Cycle of Narcissistic Abuse

for your mental and emotional health - Great expert tips on how to effectively discuss problems with someone and improve your relationship

Healthy relationships wheel

Therapy worksheets and tools.

DSM5 changes

Non-Violent Communication Chart teaching children and adults to express their needs and feelings without blaming and hurting others.

Non Violent Communication | Justin The Librarian

These ADHD therapies offer fun and games with a serious purpose: increasing your child's focus.

This article is so great for skyler. It was so interesting to read that teaching reading with a phonics approach is disastrous for the kid with add. This is so my experience with the reading system for skyler from his school which I'm sure is standard to how society does it in general.

Almost all of the Inattentive symptoms describe me and skyler and he has some of the fidgetiness in the hyperactive section.

ADHD Parents: Put down the Game and Pick up Your Stuff!

Interesting and cool article. So relevant for me and skyler. Im beginning to think I have some traits do ADD too

The DSM-5 Made Easy To Undersand

  • Julie McNeil
    Julie McNeil


ADHD Tips for Parents. Ways to help kiddos focus, without bothering others.

ADHD Tips for Parents

Break down of coping skills #Counseling

Coping Skills | All that I am, all that I ever was...

National Social Work Month Being a Social Worker Means . . .