Philippe Gimmemoah

Philippe Gimmemoah
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Philippe Gimmemoah
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This design uses primary colors to deliver its purpose. When I saw this design, I was immediately drawn to its color scheme. I think primary colors make up one of the most powerful color schemes, thus making them a huge tool for me as a designer.


shadow Loved the simple concept in this poster. The eye drifts naturally downward into the shadow of the Legos. A great ad that symbolizes the imagination that Legos foster. Best of all it conveys this this with absolutely no text.

Pop Art _ the art era where everything was considered art!! #Colour #PopArt #LoveIt #OneOfTheBests

This print features a product as well as chips defying gravity. The use of a product, the colour scheme and the comic book feel created by the bold lines makes this a perfect example of Pop Art. This picture targets younger people and will be useful in th

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