nice idea

Cigar box organizer crafts-and-diy.too bad Edwards is gone, what a great idea

Old Cigar Box

Cigar Box Doll Bed and Postage Stamp Quilt by Cathe at JustSomethingIMade ~ step-by-step, plus digital images of vintage postage stamps

Labeled and used for storage

Add brass label holders to cigar boxes! I have a thing for cigar boxes. I just love them. I have a million yet I can't resist a quaint cigar box!

cigar box planter

How much did you love the Cigar Box Succulent Centerpieces from our wedding earlier today? If you want to make the look your own, a search on Etsy for vint

cigar box guitar

Rotterdam-based musician Shelley Rickey makes really cool guitars and ukuleles out of reclaimed and found materials such as cigar boxes, skeleton keys, scrap wood, and more - this is so innovative.