Hahahaha actually laughed

Must visit the dentist…

need to say anything. I need a dentist, I think one of my canines is getting louse. shark dog need to say anything I a dentist think one of my canines is getting louse

Beyond true

Meanwhile in Hollister .Meanwhile in Hollister . hahaha so true now all they need is gas masks and watch for silence XD


We're sorry, your request for victim status has been denied. You are being referred to the Big Girl Panties department. Please stand by. Oh man, I know some people like this

A little icing would be perfect

icing it? because icing. and he's a gingerbread man. so like the icing you put on a gingerbread cookie.

An otter showing you its baby...this is so cute I could die!

32 Pictures You Need To See Before You Die

Lol. Such as do you have a bathroom? You should twirl and skip and motion them to follow you to your front porch point to a bush, then twirl your way back inside and lock the door! {seriously cracking up because of the comment!}

People will stop asking you stupid questions if you answer back in interpretive dance. Fleeman, try this and let me know if it works :)