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How to Use the Background Eraser Tool

What is the “background eraser tool” in Adobe Photoshop Elements and why should you know how to use it?

How to coordinate clothing for Family Reunion Photographs

family reunion clothing ideas

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Tips to Make a book with your Family Photo Session images and Blurb Books

Tips to Make a Family Photo Session Picture Album

Tips to Make a Family Photo Session Picture Album - Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

Learning how to remove unwanted objects from a photo is a remarkably useful ability to have as a photographer. As we are accustomed to, Aaron Nace takes you through the steps on how to do it, and do it well. ( Ambiguous LL Cool J reference unintended)

Learn How To Remove Anything From A Photo Using Photoshop

In this featured video, Aaron Nace shows you a bunch of techniques for removing (almost) anything from your images in Photoshop.

What to Wear in Family Photos

So handy! Use this cheat sheet as a guide for the best color combos to wear in family photos or ya color combinations :D

Macro Photography

I'm pretty sure iknow how this is being accomplished.still freaking sweet. Tiniest Bubbles of Flowers