thank you for always being there for me!

Love Quote of the day. Unknown Author "Respect people who find time for you in their busy schedule. But love people who never look at their schedule when you need them.

So so so very true!

I love my sister by heart like a sister by birth! But I love my sister by birth like we are both by heart and birth.

Life is better with friends who know how to have any age ( :

Reminder: your girlfriends will probably outlive your husband. I'm lucky to have Great and crazy cool friends but I want my hubby around for a long long long time to come as he is my "best" friend

We crack me up!

Best Friend Memories: Funny Friendship Ecard: We are so hilarious. I feel bad for the people who dont get to listen to our conversations and enjoy our hilariousness.

Choose your adventure GROUP date night

Choose Your Own Date Adventure

Tara from The Dating Divas will be sharing fun ideas you can do on a date with your hubby.

Hard to read, of says: My Perfect Boyfriend- Is super tall, Loves Harry Potter Doesn't need to use smiley faces when he's texting me, just let's me know I make him smile, Cooks, Protects me, When it's raining and we're sprinting to the car he locks the car, picks me up, and kisses me in the rain, Puts his jacket on me when he sees I'm cold, Doesn't smoke, Watches football only with my dad, Takes me on weird surprise dates, Makes me chicken noodle soup when I'm sick, Passes me notes all day…

I want this so bad my heart aches for this perfect boyfriend but I realized I don't want perfect I want a little weird and someone funny not perfect


"Everything's Rosy" ~ Erin & Charlbi Dean Kriek by Margaretha Olschewski for Cosmopolitan UK ~ Fashion: Sairey Stemp


Hair by Victoria: Setting Your Hair With Rollers & How to Look Like a Victoria's Secret Model

group date night!

The Funky Town Date

'Funky Town' date night - sounds like a hilarious evening with friends! anyone wanna join me?