beautiful yellow prairie sun flower

Rudbeckia hirta ‘Prairie Sun' - lovely variety of "Black Eyed Susans" - only with green eyes. Love flowers that look like the sun.

Sunflower-coconut ice hybrid from Burpee

Sunflower, Coconut Ice Hybrid new white sunflower. Standing tall the single-headed flowers with black centers are across. The petals start out a rich creamy vanilla and gradually transition to white.

Sunflower!  Artist Terri Ford

Artist Terri Ford I am so ready for summer and sunflowers. (Nice picture, too)

Sunflower - SICIS

Stunning sunflower mosaic:):) Notice how the mosaic is made from lots of litttle pieces of glass or other things glued to a background.I find it fascinating!

The French Tangerine

lilly pink and green all time favorite me some daisies!

Sunflower Dawn

Sunflower Dawn - I never really thought about sunflowers one way or another, until I heard the story about them !