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Root Cellars - Learn how to build a root cellar, what to store and how to store it. Includes printable storage guide for over 30 fruits and veggies.


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Turn an Inexpensive Carport Into an Awesome Barn Carports are great for keeping your car protected from the worst of the weather. You can purchase an off-the-shelf carport. After assembling it, you can then clad it with timber and add a barn door, and you have yourself an awesome and inexpensive barn. What would you use a converted carport for?


Turn a Carport Into a Barn

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Winsted, CT

Firewood stacking racks holds 1 cord per row. Made with 3 cinder blocks , 4 8ft 2x4 and 2 8ft 1x3 (cut in half length wise for ends. Total cost per rack = $18.00


Winsted, CT

My husband built this amazing enclosed garden with raised beds by adding onto a trellis he had built a few years earlier. We needed a garden that would keep the deer out.


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Ginnie Godoy

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Chicken Coops That You Can Do It Youself

The Palais de Poulets, also known as “Clucking Hen Palace,” was transformed from a decrepit shed into a functional and decorative coop inhabited by a flock of heirloom chickens. It makes me want chickens.


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Mason Jar Match Dispenser - DIY Craft's Home Decor

Your little homestead might be buried under snow, but there are still some gardening activities you can tackle. It's *almost as good as digging in the dirt!


Garden Ideas and Projects for the Dead of Winter