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Once a Titan, Always a Titan- Redone by callousvixen on deviantART

Reuploaded because I fixed the lineart and made a few changes here and there.Can you spot the differences? You can see the original one here! Once a Titan, Always a Titan older version _.

Is that the freaking tardis!!!

Darcy and Jane (Thor Darcy has a Loki bear and a Captain America poster that says "American Booty"!it has a TARDIS POSTER!

Lady Avengers by ~CircusMayer on deviantART

Gender-bent Avengers - --- ok, this is really cool, but one thing (and maybe it's just the style of drawing) bugs me. Thor and Loki, and then Agent Romanoff would not be showing that much skin.

Terrible Things - Beast Boy and Raven- oh my gosh the feels

Featuring Kid Flash as their son.

The Art of Ericka Hampton: Raven And Beast Boy- Teen Titans

RAVEN(JY) for fans of Beast Boy & Raven images.

BBRAE Sketch Dump by shock777

here's my colored version of the sketchy sketchy style of my drawing here:  idk i just love drawing sketchy sometimes vuv  bb and rae(c)dc comics and glen murakami 

Dark Side: Raven and Beast Boy by MESS-Anime-Artist

Teen Titans - Dark Side: Raven and Beast Boy

I'll build a snow man with you- Frozen TT by on @deviantART

Frozen × Teen Titans: Raven as Elsa & Starfire as Anna

It's like Raven with Cressida's hair from Mockingjay.

Raven of the Teen Titans


gretlusky: “ Raven eating her breakfast from a Teen Titans Go episode, I think it was “Lazy sunday” ”