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giorgio quarta
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Del Popolo’s is a traveling pizza truck in San Francisco, wood-fired pizza oven. The mobile restaurant, made from shipping container remodeled to include a modern kitchen workspace and two large glass doors that open out to the public.

Del Popolo Food Truck, A 14 Ton Wood Burning Oven On Wheels

Jon Darsky’s Del Popolo Pizza Truck is made from a transatlantic shipping container mounted to a Freightliner truck. The container houses a Stefano Ferrara wood-fired brick oven to make Darsky’s Neapolitan pizza.

restaurant in giverny

As if a double-decker food truck is not a big enough draw-- it is at the village of Giverny, home of Monet and his gardens-- AND there is a singing chef! What a layered and great food truck experience!


Next level food truck: pizza parlor inside a 35 foot storage truck containing a 3500 pound Italian wood-fired oven that cooks pizza in 90 seconds. A stairwell leads to the recessed point of sale area.