Giovana Monticelli

Giovana Monticelli

Giovana Monticelli
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SUCCUBUS cthulhu larp cosplay Necronomicon Fragment demon grimoire witch magick

CTHULHU SEAL Necronomicon page occult demon magick dark spirit vampire horror

favorites: top right, fourth from the top on the right side, one up and one in from the bottom left corner

the-call-du-vide: “ helpyoudraw: “ Various Animal Horns from The Pictorial Dictionary (ed. Keith and Clothilde Sutton) ” I’m going to draw a Tiefling for every one of these horn types.

Wnderlst, Austria

Austria - Where Time and Space come close to snow bound mountains to touch the sky. Let this beautiful winter wonderland take your breath away.

Os cálculos batem: nosso universo pode ser um holograma

I don't usually pin art, but I love this MIRROR REFLECTION of purple and black worlds of the Universe, with a black planet in the center.