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Classroom Management School Stuff

An Apple For The Teacher: Stickers - I like this idea. Instead of putting stickers on students give them a small notebook for them to collect their stickers. Once they have reached a certain amount they are able to spent their sticks and all I have to do is cross out the ones they used. I can see creating a rewards system around this

A Pat On The this idea!

teaching students to take responsibility for actions. LOVE this!!

Classroom Management for centers.

lots of great behavior interventions

FREE! Differentiated Behavior Punch Cards

Fun (and free!) countdown timers for the classroom! Read this blog post on Corkboard Connections to find out where to download these timers and more and some tips for using them in the classroom.

FREE Teaching with Dry Erase Boards: Interactive and Effective Teaching Strategies (8-page tips booklet from Laura Candler)

At the beginning of every month, everyone starts off in the homework club. If they turn all their homework in on time, then they get to stay in the club! If they don't then they are out of the club. Students who turn all their homework in for the entire month get to come to the monthly homework club lunch.

FREE - B.U.G.: a reward and consequence system.

awesome behavior log

Brag buttons...I love these!

Positive Reinforcement (be good, get your name in the bowl) and a monthly drawing.

You Get What You Get and You Don't Throw a Fit! - Great to read at the beginning of the year :)

Time out bottles! Water, glue and glitter..mix and add until it takes 5 minutes to settle. Watching it settle relaxes them, and you don't have to set a timer! - Also could be used to encourage chewing mouths and watching eyes during lunch time