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"When we are together, he's SO there, and he's SO present, and then... he disappears for 2 weeks, and doesn't answer any of my text messages, and I feel as though I invented him." -Hannah #GIRLS

Zosia Mamet Tells Why Shoshanna’s Hair Is Always So Crazy

Girls Season 3: In Production Tease More at

Ray: "A panda, next to a gun, next to a wrapped gift? It makes no sense!" Shoshanna: "YOU MAKE NO SENSE!"

Which "Girls" Character Said It? Take the BuzzFeed Quiz.

"the worst stuff that you say, sounds better than the best stuff that some other people say." -Hannah #GIRLS

adam driver and daria werbowy by annie leibovitz for @Vogue Magazine september 2013

Adam Driver for Gap's new men's campaign

HBO's Girls may revolve around four women, but thanks to costume designer Rogien, there's a fifth character that's become equally essential: The wardrobe.

The @Man Repeller fantasizes about "The Crack Spirit Guide"

Creating the art deco title cards for HBO's series "Girls."

Girls, 2013 Primetime Emmy Nominee for Outstanding Comedy Series

Lena Dunham (Girls), 2013 Primetime Emmy Nominee for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

#Girls Fan @vachon_monique on Twitter got "All Adventurous Women Do" ink

"I can never tell if guys are attractive in a loserly way, or if they're just losers." -Hannah #GIRLS