google map envelopes. so simple and easy. Use the directions feature to put a blue line between the TO and the FROM.

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i'm going to address everything like this :)

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Fun mail for kids -- send boxes of candy through the mail. If they're under 13 oz. you can slap a stamp on them and put them in the mailbox! How fun would it be to see this in your mailbox?

Sometimes Creative: Fun Mail

send a plastic bottle full of goodies

A Bottle of Goodies is 13 Ounces or Less | giverslog

send a ball

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send a frisbee

Mailing a Frisbee, and 13 ounces or less on flickr | giverslog

postcard birthday poster

Postcard Birthday Poster DIY

send someone a box full of sunshine

Sunshine in a Box

pen pal kit

eighteen25: pen pal kit