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A sailor gets a tattoo on his arm in Virginia.Photograph by Paul L. Pryor, National Geographic Mein Wunderkammer of Masculinity: Photo

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Hamsa Hand- (Different Religions meanings-Jewish, Arabic, Islam) Symbol meaning the ability to ward off the evil eye and attract divine protection. Believed to fight off negative energies. The eye is also believed to fight bad luck. The Hamsa Hand is beli

Cancro e tatuaggi: un modo originale per dare speranza alle donne

Henna Heals, a rich community of nearly 150 henna tattoo artists worldwide established by a team of 5 women in Canada, helps women with cancer feel confident and beautiful again by drawing elegant henna crowns on their bare heads. Read more.


My passion is not photography. I live in a colorful world, but my mind is filled with classical music and black and white photography. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos posted unless.


Looks like Skrillex is the one to brings back half-shaved haircut to hairstyle trend. The popular haircut was popular among the women in haircut trend.

Roman Shoulder

I love roman numeral tattoos. I have my husband's and my wedding date in roman numeral tattooed on my ribs. He has it on his arm. It's a cute idea for matching tattoos with your significant other.