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Dieser Hairstyle wird derzeit im Internet mega gehyped: Wir erklären, wie du den Flip Braid ganz einfach in 5 Schritten nachmachen kannst ► auf!

I just tried this with a fishtail and it came out great! Would definitely recommend. And will recommend!

How to draw a fist. I don't usually draw humans, but it may come in handy sometime.

npcmimic: “ yamino: “ How to draw a fist! ” THANK YOU SO MUCH fists are always the hardest thing for me to try and draw, let alone the fact that they are hands! I can’t believe the solution was this. - npcmimic: yamino: How to draw a fist!

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How to make your teeth snow white. Get whiter teeth ! Immediate results in the first 25 minutes !