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The Lack of Human Interaction in the Digital Age – Fubiz Media-Through his series Hide And Seek, photographer Kamil Kotarba explores the bad influence of mobile phones’ screens in the way we interact between humans.



12 Beautiful Redesigned Covers Of Literary Classics

12 Beautiful Redesigned Covers Of Literary Classics -neato burrito. Really great and well done, very visually interesting and impacting design.

Go to your bookshelf and write down all the names of books you have been meaning to read but haven't yet on little scraps of paper and put them in a jar.  Pick one out and let the fun begin!

Book Jar: "Write down the titles of books you want to read on little slips of paper and then put them in a jar (or whichever container you deem suitable! Then randomly pick one out of the jar to decide what to read next." What a fun idea!

16 Fotoğrafla Modernize Edilmiş Mazi: Vintage Fotoğraflara Bir de Böyle Bakın

war photographer Costica Acsinte returned to Romania where he opened a studio. Acsinte's portraits are fascinating on their own, but have been given a magical twist by Australian artist Jane Long in a series called "Dancing With Costica.

#Print #Ads for flavored tea

deda fiorini social media manager italia emilia romagna bologna… Photoshopped fruit to look like tea kettles


Some of these barcodes probably could never be used for actual retail but they are so creative. I like the number of options that could be made with by playing with the barcodes.