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Mother Eevee with baby eeveelutions. Wouldn't really happen since all the eevees would hatch from eggs. You got to hand it to the imagination of the artist.

Eevee evolutions

Eeveelutions Are So Cute. never thought any one would agree with me on this! ^_^ they are probably my most favorite pokemons!

Human Eeveelutions

Pokemon Eeveelutions Chibi girls Gijinka but I have no idea what the pink one is. <<< The pink one is Slyveon, Eevee's newest evolution.

Like wow. : Photo

Eevee evolution team GO! -The Random Eeveelution theme song I just made up on the spot.

alltogethereevees_by_creepyfish-d71s0jj.png (780×1158)

Eeveelution print set textured) - Thumbnail 1 ~ i LOVE this Pokémon, it's my favourite tattoo idea?