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Hey, It's OK!

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Hey, It's OK!

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Flats are for winners.

Spring cleaning is overrated anyway.

  • Emily Moran
    Emily Moran

    Christiana Skaar love this!

What do we do with cumin again?


Basic bitches, unite!

  • Silvia Correia
    Silvia Correia

    Victoria Uwemedimo

Vote, vote, vote!


  • Kathryn Hearn
    Kathryn Hearn


"A dog? I had no idea!"

*NSYNC or Backstreet. Never both.

  • Mayrel Gonzalez
    Mayrel Gonzalez

    Sayra González lol word. Forever

  • M C
    M C

    Hey, it's okay to like both bands, one band, or neither.

  • Denise


  • Sarah Richard
    Sarah Richard


  • Joanna Sprinkle
    Joanna Sprinkle

    Uh can you redo this one with a picture of backstreet boys? Cuz you know.... loyalty. Lol

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You do you, even when it comes to your wine. Hey, it's OK!

  • Rachel .
    Rachel .

    No, it's not okay. :/

  • Gina

    As long as they are made with wine!

  • Katie Freeman
    Katie Freeman

    No. No no no no nononononono NOOOOOO.The only time that is acceptable is if it is sangria!

  • Brittany Galvin
    Brittany Galvin

    Definitely not. Freeze grapes instead in place of ice cubes if you must.

Love ya, Maude. Hey, it's OK!

Hey, it's OK! Also, #sorrynotsorry

Plus, it's no-cook!

  • Karla Haege
    Karla Haege


  • Pamela Mann
    Pamela Mann

    Love it!

  • Whitney Brady
    Whitney Brady

    Exactly. Jamie Colver

  • ➳ little miss tootsie ➳
    ➳ little miss tootsie ➳

    Yes please!

At least you've got Westeros history down.

  • Ashley Garrison
    Ashley Garrison

    Natalie dormer played Anne Boleyn in the Tudors! :)

  • Katie Nikonchuk
    Katie Nikonchuk

    She just can't stay a queen. .. no matter the show.

  • Noora

    Salama K

Shonda, help us! #HeyItsOK

  • Katy Torres
    Katy Torres

    Nikki Laituri

Mindy has the cutest style. #HeyItsOK

The dream. Hey, It's OK!

Call us old-fashioned, but doesn't that seem romantic? Hey, It's OK!

  • Melissa Joy
    Melissa Joy

    My fiance proposed in September, just us in our fancy hotel room, down on his knee. And it was perfect. :)

  • Shannon Gravelle
    Shannon Gravelle

    Sienna LeVae heyyyyyyy Shawn

  • Sienna LeVae
    Sienna LeVae
  • Rebecca Warren
    Rebecca Warren

    Kylah Williamson but really...

Happy New Year (to your hair)! Hey, it's OK!

  • Phoebe Chen
    Phoebe Chen

    Tiffany Tse

  • Alchemy and The green lion
    Alchemy and The green lion


Tights ARE the new shaving after all, right? Hey, it's OK!

  • Taylor Bethards
    Taylor Bethards

    Aaaand the reason fall is my favorite season, everyone.

  • Jennifer Vasquez
    Jennifer Vasquez

    Karen Vasquez

  • ➳ little miss tootsie ➳
    ➳ little miss tootsie ➳

    Ha! Why not?! :-)

Sky Sky just dresses so well! Hey, it's OK.

Probably not. Hey, it's OK!