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Gina Lassandro

Great Photographic of famous authors and their takes on books: Bradbury, Poe, Twain, Plath, Atwood, and more.... High School English

Tulle Midi Skirt in 4 Colors #anthrofave

It only takes 3 ingredients to make No-Churn Ice Cream! Plus, 10 favorite mix-ins for the easiest ice cream ever | Heidi | FoodieCrush

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies : one of the most popular recipes of all time on

Frozen Sangria -- ready to go in about 2 minutes, and SO tasty! |

Cookie Dough Dip! Dazzle your guests by serving up dessert first with this ultra creamy cookie dough dip (eggless and no bake!) |

REALLY WANT TO DO THIS!!! DO NOT FORGET!!! Six questions to ask your kids throughout the first WEEK of school.

They already have class numbers and now they all have a pencil that must be left in my classroom at all times. If a pencil goes missing I know whose it is by the missing number I NEED THIS!

More doable seating arrangement for my room. I currently do something similar to this.

Love this for my students - this makes me want a college/career goal pennant for my high schoolers to create!

still haven't seen moonrise kingdom yet... but the colours of the darjeeling limited is also very enticing.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Dark Knight

Little Miss Sunshine

American Beauty

moonrise kingdom