French Fry Diary

Everything you wanted to know about French fries, and more - potato chips, recipes, onion rings, fast food, and good food - all aspects of the potato and fried food, and especially where the two meet.
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BurgerFi is one of those places I have been meaning to go to for quite some time. When I saw one nearby on a business roadtrip with T.

From the June 2017 Disney Cruise on board the Dream, these are bacon roasted potatoes, with chicken schnitzel, and buttered green bea.

Random Tater Pic of the Day

Splitsville – The Make Mine Magic Podcast

French Fry Diary: French Fry Diary 781: Lamb Weston Super Crispy Cri...

Last year ConAgra Foods, one of the world's biggest French fries manufacturers, acquired Lamb Weston, another of the world's largest fr.

There no more food! There's Lays chicken and waffle chips. I rather starve to death.

French Fry Diary: Pringles Thanksgiving?

We Tasted Pringles’ Limited-Edition Thanksgiving Dinner, the Entire Holiday Meal in Chip Form

French Fry Diary: Happy National Fast Food Day

Do you know about unhealthy food facts? The food you eat today which you believe is healthy you might rediscover after some years that that was the most

French Fry Diary: Random Tater Pic of the Day #288

French Fry Diary: Random Tater Pic of the Day

French Fry Diary: Happy Halloween!

Chocolate Pumpkin Fries Are Coming to McDonald's Locations in Japan: Just in time for Halloween.