Lego has been awesome in using social media and refreshing its brand

BrandCrush: 3 Ways LEGO Architecture Is Building a Massive Following

City is trying to create a "Power of Awe" in its logo and image

Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau Changes Name To "Visit Anaheim"

Alfa Romeo opens a public museum as it tries to connect the past, present and future of the recovering brand.

Inautonews - Europe: Alfa Romeo’s historic museum in Arese, Italy, now open for the public

Brand re-launch to position on girly get-togethers

Lambrini to 'Bring the Brini' with brand relaunch including TLC sponsorship deal

80-SKU redesign anchored by emotive device

80-SKU redesign anchored by emotive device | Packaging World

Rebranding pot: "We have created a language that would allow us to speak about the industry maturely and professionally"

Fast Company

Rebranding Pot: How Squares Are Sparking The Next Massive Industry

The goal of the new branding was simple—to remind customers and employees alike that people are at the heart of everything the airline does, which led to the heart on the belly on the plane.

One Brand, One Heart: Southwest's Brand Refresh, From Souped Up Planes to Nuts

Coke doing a re-brand in U.K. to clear up brand confusion

Coca-Cola Adopts One-Brand Strategy in Europe and the US to Clear Up Confusion

What Coke can teach McDonald's about love.

What Coke Can Teach McDonald’s About Love

Show Buy re-launches its brand. Is it enough?


Boston's Original E-Commerce Company Has Gone Through a Brand Revival

10 Biggest Rebranding Failures to Learn From

10 Biggest Rebranding Failures to Learn From |

How to Capitalize on the New Age of Rebranding

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Corning's Gorilla Glass trying to entice users to find innovative new uses for its product

Corning Welcomes a New Day With The Glass Age—and Gorilla Glass 4

University of Michigan business professor Erik Gordon take on new JCP CEO, coming from Home Depot, Ellison "is a strong operations manager, but he has spent a dozen years at a chain where fashion means orange aprons."

JCPenney Taps Home Depot Exec to Fix Its Brand

Celtics retro logo change

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Next Captain America will be Black. Steve Rogers will have to step down as Captain America this fall, passing on his shield to Sam Wilson, a.k.a the Falcon, an old ally of the Captain.


Marvel's Next Captain America Will Be Black

Marvel says next Thor is a woman. “This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR. This is the THOR of the Marvel Universe. "


Thor Is Now a Woman: Marvel Announces Goddess of Thunder

Google changed its logo

Google changes its logo – can you spot the difference?

New Disney Channel logo


Here Is Your First Look at the New Disney Channel Logo

Converse retro branding: emphasizing craft, quality, and heritage over flashy innovation

Retro Branding: Reintroducing Iconic Products With a Modern Twist

Did Foursquare make a mistake in trying to carve out a new brand?

Why Foursquare Has It Backwards

Is this really Ronald McDonald?

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Kohl's launches brand refresh campaign

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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters changing its name to Keurig Green Mountain. Why not just "Keurig"?

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Old Oscar logo

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