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Scrapbooking :: Using Letter Stickers

Scrapbooking :: Using Letter Stickers

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if in doubt, do a layout about scrabble. (only partially kidding.)

My Nemesis - Two Peas in a Bucket

if you run out of letters without using the numbers, make a few pages with numbers as titles!

if you look closely at this title, it's actually a long phrase, with some words printed at a small size and popped in between the letter sticker words.

sometimes making a mixed title work is dependent on the feel of the rest of the page. it works here because there is a lot of energy in all the colour and pattern on the page!

use scissors to hand cut an outline from the 'waste' on the sticker sheet. this will create a negative/outline version of the same font and size even when you've run out of some letters.

sand mixed colour letter stickers (same font) to give them a similar tone. this works with both the kind of stickers that come multi-coloured in one pack or when you buy multiple sheets in one lettering style but different colours, then run out at different times. also useful in a mix of fonts to give them something in common.

mix letter stickers with printed die-cuts and letter stamps to get more from just the odd word that is left on the sticker sheet.

co-PILOT - Two Peas in a Bucket

serious use of letter stickers for non-paper-craft. so cool.

another example of the key word set in a larger or heavier type

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highlight a key word with one word in a larger letter sticker

make a no-photo layout mixing lots of sticker sheets

lots of letter stickers added to that bottom left corner - creates a fab texture.

Reading Love - Two Peas in a Bucket

break a word into two parts for two types of letter stickers

fashionISTA - Two Peas in a Bucket

use neutral grid paper to unify a bunch of different fonts, sizes and colours. :)

gather random letters from almost-empty sheets to spell one word... then spell the rest all in one type.

stick with the same font, but substitute a different colour for just one letter.

find two fonts of a similar size that can work together to spell your title.

mix sizes - one style per word and in a confined space of the page.

mix the middle of a title, but don't mix the top and bottom words.

spell what you can with stickers, then die-cut the rest of the words!

create embellished corner designs with extra letter stickers. (from kelly purkey's fun with type class.)

mixing fonts and colours - each letter touching makes it work on this layout.

letter stickers as a background paper - extra letter stickers always work well with school themes.

Scrapbooking Supplies, Scrapbooking Ideas and Scrapbooking Layouts - Two Peas in a Bucket

see what words you can get from each sheet of leftovers then make a title with lots of space to help the legibility.

frame a photo with a layer of letter stickers. how the letters go over the edge? that's how this works so well.

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