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Rocamadour is a village located on the southwest of France. Rocamadour is very unique due to the way it was built on a steep rocky wall of the valley side, in the past centuries it has has attracted pilgrims from many countries, today it is mainly a tourist destination, and for a good reason apart from the view and the historic structures, Rocamadour is also world-famous for it’s cheese (Rocamadour-cheese).


Golden Cathedral In order to get to the Golden Cathedral you have to walk through the Neon-Canyon which is located in southern Utah, about 50 kilometers north of lake powell (USA). The Golden Cathedral itself is an extremely awesome place the coolest part is the two potholes that actually connects Lower Neon Canyon to Upper Neon. there is a pool full of water right under the potholes.


Jameos del Agua is located on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, (an autonomous part of Spain). The cave was created by the flow of lava approximately 3,000 years ago and it is a part of the Green Caves (Cueva de los Verdes) cave-system which are about a mile away. Jameos del Agua is a home to a special specie of white cancer (Munidopsis polymorpha), which apart from Jameos del Agua can only be found in the ocean depth of approximately 2000 meters.