I really love this cut.

thinking of cutting my hair.not this short but this style :) Medium Bob Hairstyle: Blonde Hair Ideas

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I do occasionally hunt elephants in the super market.this may or may not have lead to my involuntary removal from said super market.

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My swimsuit told me go to the gym. But my sweatpants were like, Nah girl, you're good!

That moment when someone knocks at the door when you are home alone

When my cats are home alone, if someone drives up and opens their car door, they get inside. They also leap into moving strollers (with babies inside). Who knows what theyd do if someone came to the door (sigh)

SERIOUSLY, I really can't help what comes out of my mouth, I cannot control it as some think I can!

This is my fav prayer, every day I go to work. "Dear Lord, Please put your arm around me today and your hand over my mouth"

stupid people funny quotes quote lol funny quote funny quotes daffy duck humor- Don

stupid people funny quotes quote lol funny quote funny quotes daffy duck humor<----I believe this is actually Donald Duck.

And now you know a little more about me ;)

Cat Shaming: Whenever I have a problem, I sing. Then I realize my voice is a lot worse than my problem

missing someone.

The moment we part. That unknown time when I will see you again. Too feel your embrace and be with my best friend. To be relaxed and comfortable as with no other. That is the moment I MISS you.