BMW Group DesignworksUSA, in collaboration with Landscape Forms, has designed a stunning collection of site furniture for street-scapes and transit environments. The collection includes a …

Chocolate Turtle Cake

Chocolate Turtle Cake Recipe ~ Says: This cake is incredibly chocolate-y, moist and rich. It's a dark chocolate cake with toasted pecans, mini chocolate chips, chocolate ganache and caramel.

Mobile kitchen wins the first NWW Design Award

Mobile kitchen wins the first NWW Design Award

NWW Design Award - Second prize went to a chair called Donald by Philipp Hermes and Dustin Jessen, which is formed in two parts that slot together and join with Velcro-like pads.

A Canadian design. James Donahue's Coconut Lounge Chair, Winnipeg via Roseland Greene, originally from James Tse Photography.

Pelt Chair by Benjamin Hubert

Another stunning chair by De La Espada : the Pelt Chair by Benjamin Hubert . Benjamin is truly a master of his craft; see his Maritime Chai.

Wooden chair

Water Tower Chair by Bellboy. A low lying lounge chair made from reclaimed timbers of a New York City Water Tower designed by collaborative wood shop based in Brooklyn, New York – Bellboy.