Adventurer Club- Awards

Adventurer Award requirements and ideas for teaching each award. Abbreviations used are BB (Busy Bee), Su (Sunbeam), Bu (Builder), HH (Helping Hand)
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Adventurers, Pathfinders, Master Guides | Club Ministries - North American Division

Adventurer Awards Overview

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How to Make Kindess Cootie Catchers | Coffee Cups and Crayons
These easy ways help incredibly busy kids and families to give back to their communities (and have a blast at the same time).
Acts of Kindness - Adventurer Club

Acts of Kindness Award, (ML-Multi-Level)

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Bear Paw Cookies recipe | fun treat for kids #cookies #chocolate #kidfood
DIY Salt Dough Paw Print Keepsake

Animal Footprints

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Artist - Adventurer Club
These are the requirements for the Adventurer Club Artist Award

Artist Award (BB)

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100 Things to Spot in the Night Sky (Spotter's Cards): Clarke, Phillip: 9780794519667: Books
Star stamping with cookie cutters is a simple fine motor activity that is perfect for a space theme in tot school, preschool, or the kindergarten classroom.
Astronomer - List of Requirements

Astronomer Award (Builder)

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Basket Maker - Adventurer Club
24 Bible verses about Baskets

Basket Maker Award

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Baking - Adventurer Club

Baking (Sunbeam)

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Adventurer Awards

Bead (B)

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Bible 1 (BB)

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With 66 books of the Bible, it can see like there's too many to keep up with. As you teach children, or even inquiring adults, in your Sunday School class about the Bible, it will help to visualize the books according to how their genre. This wall chart features a color coded list of all the books of the Bible, and how many books are in each section. The top banners divide the Old Testament (39 books) and New Testament (27 books) into their categories. The Old Testament highlights the Law (5 boo
Adventurer Awards
Bringing a Bible Story to Life: Using Inexpensive Items From Around the House to Make it Meaningful and Memorable.

Bible 2 (S)

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Bible Royalty - Adventurer Club
bible college,bible study,bible learning,bible knowledge #biblestudy

Bible Royalty (HH)

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Bread of Life - Adventurer Club
Adventist Adventurer Awards/Bread of Life - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
Today I'm sharing with you my tips for Bible journaling with children. This is a fun, hands on way for children to spend time in the Word.

Bread of Life (Bu)

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Build & Fly - Requirements
Paper airplane
Building a kite

Build & Fly (Bu)

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Building Blocks - Adventurer Club
4 Engineering Challenges for Kids Challenge #2: Using any size base, build the tallest possible structure.
STEM craft for kids building a skyscraper teaches basics of physics and engineering for children. #kidscrafts #STEMactivities #STEMcraft

Building Blocks (Bu)

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Butterfly - Adventurer Club
Busy Bee - Butterfly Award, grade 1 Life cycle of a Butterfly using pasta
The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Butterfly Award

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Buttons - Adventurer Club
In this post, I’ll go over a brief history of buttons, button storage, and types of buttons. There's something about buttons that makes you want to hoard them.
And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

Buttons (BB)

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Camping Playset Travel Printable - Exploration America
Camper - Adventurer Club
Easy camping meals for the family. SO many great kid-friendly camping recipes and camping food ideas. #campingfood #campingrecipes #campingmeals #camping

Camper (Su)

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Must have Swimming I in order to complete this award.
In this article, we teach you how to steer a canoe. This article is written especially for beginners! #canoe #beginner #lake
17 Top Canoe Trip Packing List Items + What NOT to Bring. It's easy to under or over pack for a canoe trip - our packing list can help you pack exactly what you need! We'll also provide tips on what to wear and what NOT to bring. - Asher & Lyric #CanoeingTips #PackingList #CanoeTrip

Canoeing (HH)

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Caring Friend - Adventurer Club
100 Acts of Kindness for Kids!!! Free printable in post!

Caring Friend

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Carpenter - Adventurer Club
Easy DIY Birdhouse plans to attract birds to your backyard and garden. This bird house makes a great family project that the kids can help build. #birdhouseideas

Carpenter (HH)

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Children of the Bible Series: TimothyThis set of worksheets and activities goes with the Bible story of Timothy (as a child).

Children of the Bible

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Collector - Adventurer Club

Collector (Su)

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Communion Service (HH)

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Cooking Fun - Adventurer Club

Cooking Fun (Su)

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Cooperation (ML=multi-level)

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