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baby bassett hound

baby bassett hound mb: big ears, big feet, too cute. I'm waiting for him to throw his head back & let out the cutest puppy howl ever.


Pug napping on owners stomach. They are snuggle pugs!

The Aljafería Palace built during the second half of the 11th century in the Moorish taifa of Zaragoza of Al-Andalus, present day Zaragoza, Spain.

El Palacio de la Aljafería - Zaragoza, España - The Aljafería Palace is a fortified medieval Islamic palace built during the second half of the century in the Moorish taifa of Zaragoza of Al-Andalus, which is now present day Zaragoza, Spain.

Studio apartment & garage. Pickell Architecture.

Studio loft over a garage built by Pickell Architecture in Flemington, New Jersey. I like the unique design and how it blends in with the trees in the background. A great way to utilize space and make a single garage into a tiny home.