This is LIFE CHANGING. Pack your bags!

This is the best article I've read on budget travel. She covers all the best tips on saving money -- "How I Afford Travel -- Badass trips on a not-so-badass budget.

When Should You Actually Book Your Next Vacation #travel #infographic

When Should You Actually Book Your Next Vacation?

When you should actually book your next vacation. Great tips for saving some dough on your next trip! This would be great to do for "When you should actually book you next convention?

30 Things you should have in your car at all time.

30 Essential Things You Should Keep in Your Car

Garage Organization: Weeks 34 & 30 Things You Should Have In Your Car At All Times (my favorite tip is the duct tape check out the repairs that have

"Travel Light... Almost Anywhere.

The Parisian Was on Travel Style: How about Live Light? I'm pretty sure I could love with just these articles of clothing, maybe add a white blouse, white dress, and pencil skirt

Then pack by theme rather than by outfit. | 10 Handy Tips For Packing Like A Pro

A fantastic packing list for anyone who likes to travel in style, but wants to keep their suitcase light.

27 Genius Travel Tips! Plus learn to pack like a pro!

27 Brilliant Travel Tips for Booking a Trip, Packing & Vacationing

Although I am quite a dab hand at packing these cheeky little tips are incredibly useful. 27 genius tips on how to pack like a pro for your next big vacation!

Top 10 road trips in America.

Top 10 road trips in America. Love Going to the Sun Road at Glacier National Park in Montana!