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Cowboys ,Lawmen and Badmen

Cowboys, Lawmen and Badmen

Cowboys ,Lawmen and Badmen

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U.S. Marshal Evett Nix - Bringing Down the  Doolin-Dalton Gang

U.S. Marshal Evett Nix - Bringing Down the Doolin-Dalton Gang

Outlaw Tom "Black Jack" Ketchum 1863-1901

thomas ketchum - yahoo Image Search Results

James Butler Hickok had not yet earned the nickname of "Wild Bill" when this photo was taken in 1858. He was just 21 years old.

Wild Bill Hickok Photo Gallery and Timeline

Thomas "Bear River" Smith - Marshaling in Abilene, until his head was cut off with an ax.

Thomas "Bear River" Smith - Marshalling Lawless Abilene

Seth Bullock, Deadwood Sheriff; President Theodore Roosevelt

Cole Younger, in later life after release from prison. (co-leader of James -Younger Gang),

Dodge City Deputy Gunman BAT MASTERSON

Legendary Indian Territory lawman Heck Thomas in Kingman, N. M.

COMMODORE PERRY OWENS — While working as sheriff of Arizona’s Apache County, Commodore Perry Owens earned fame for his 1886 shoot-out in Holbrook, where he killed three of the Blevins crew and wounded a fourth in five shots. He went on to become the first sheriff of Navajo County from 1895-96. What we love most about this photo is the fact that Owens is wearing a buscadero rig, a holster style rarely seen in Old West photographs. – Courtesy Robert G. McCubbin Collection –

Bill Bennett, Wild West detective, armed with a rifle, revolver and knife. Ca. 1900.

James "Bud" Ledbetter, deputy U.S. marshal


Texas Ranger Walter Russell standing guard at a bank. Photograph by John Dominis. Alice, Texas, USA, February 1954.

Captain Joseph Tivy.Born in 1818 in Canada, grew up in New York, and came to Texas in 1837 as a surveyor. Served as a Texas Ranger under Jack Hays in 1844, Served as Kerrville's first mayor in 1889. Gave the city land to establish a public school.

May 2, 1874: John B. Jones becomes major in Texas Rangers. John B. Jones begins his adventurous career as a lawman with an appointment as a major in the Texas Rangers.

Thomas R Hickman 1886-1962. He served as a deputy constable in Gainesville and a deputy sheriff in Cooke County. He joined Texas Rangers in 1919 and some rose to rank of sergeant. In 1922 became Captain of Company B. He left Rangers in 1935 after dispute with Governor Allred. In 1961 became chairman of the Department Public Safety Commission.

This Ranger, is dressed in functional cowboy gear that is typical of clothing worn by the Rocky Mountain Rangers. His hat identifies the one concession to military dress code: the upturned brim signifies affiliation with the Canadian Militia. The 1876 Winchester .45-75 was the Rangers weapons of choice This Ranger also has a Smith & Wesson New Model No. 3 single-action revolver tucked in in his chaps.

"Old West Cowboy" photos with supporting text, part 3

"Old West Cowboy" photos with supporting text, part 3

Dead Outlaws | Black Bart the Legend by Dunniway & Co.

The Shadows of the Past - Gunfighters

Judge Isaac Parker 1838-1896 aka The Hanging Judge.

From left to right - Wild Bill Hickok, Texas Jack Omohundro, and Buffalo Bill Cody

Old West

Texas Rangers George Black and J.M. Britton

Luke Short - called the "Undertaker's Friend" ... an Old West dandy, gentleman gambler, friend of Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson, all around dangerous man with a gun.