These hotels across America are known for the ghosts and ghouls that call its walls home

11 haunted hotels that you can stay in for the spookiest Halloween

12 Terrifying Paranormal Pictures That Will Make You Believe in The Afterlife The most haunted club in the world

12 Terrifying Paranormal Pictures That Will Make You Believe in The Afterlife

A retired policeman claims to have captured a picture of ghosts carrying the body of a witch on a stretcher. Chris Halton, 55, took the eery photo on Coffin Alley while visiting The Cage, in St Osyth village, Essex – dubbed one of Britain’s most haunted houses, according to TV series Great British Ghosts.

Real Ghost Pictures: Four Ghosts Carrying The Body of a Witch - Paranormal 360

Haunted Places in Texas | Haunted Places and Ghost Stories in San Antonio Texas: San Antonio ...

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Whether or not you believe in ghosts, there is one house in the state of New York that is haunted without a doubt in the eyes of the law – the state Supreme Court declared it legally haunted in 1991. The house in question, which sits on the banks of the Hudson River at the […]

This House Was Declared Legally Haunted By NY Supreme Court - A Mystic's Metaphysical Musings


PM 1225 Pere Marquette Steam 2-8-4 at Henderson, Michigan by Mitch Goldman

10 of the World's Most Scariest Places to Visit - Tower of London

10 of the World's Most Scariest Places to Visit

Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Kentucky - The Death Tunnel or Body Chute is a 500 ft long tunnel that leads from the hospital to the railroad tracks at the bottom of the hill. Originally, it was built to transport produce to the hospital. However, as the deaths continued to rise, the staff began using the Death Tunnel to transport the bodies of the dead so that the other patients would not see how many corpses were leaving the hospital. Look to the right side and see the apparition of a woman.....

Waverly Hills Sanatorium | Haunted Hospital | Scary Website

Island of the dolls. One of the most haunted places. Ghost Adventures and Josh Gates from Destination Truth both have investigated this mysteriously haunted hotspot...

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432 Abercorn Street in Savannah, Georgia is well known for the ghost of a little girl seen running around the house. People report that when they photograph the house, their cameras mysteriously fail to work but when they leave the premises, their cameras work again.

The 10 Most Terrifying Places in Georgia Will Give You Nightmares Tonight

Ohio - The Gilboa Cemetery is said to be haunted the ghosts of children who died in a 1952 cholera epidemic. Their bodies are buried here. Supposedly, exhumations have discovered several empty graves. At night you can hear childrens voices--sometimes playing, sometimes crying.

Gilboa Cemetery

the haunted sites of the gettysburg battlefield blue ghost tunnel

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9-year-old Nicolas McCabe was killed when tornado swept through Moore, Oklahoma in May this year, laying ruin to Plaza Towers Elementary School. What the McGabe family discovered months later shocked them. What at first looked like a regular picture of Nicolas’ cousin, Madison, playing with a sparkler shocked Nicolas’ father Scott when he saw a young boy standing behind Madison.

What The Father Of A Dead Child Noticed In This Photograph Is Chilling. A Must See.

Summerwind Mansion in Wisconsin: The story of Summerwind is one of the most famous ghost stories of all time, possibly because people call it the most haunted house in Wisconsin. Thousands of people have shared the story, spreading it far beyond a local ghost story. Even though the gorgeous mansion is now just a pile of rubble, it hasn't stopped the stories from continuing. Summerwind was located ...See more

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In central Indiana there sits a house whose history is so dark it spills into the present. The Hannah House is today considered one of America's most haunted mansions, a known site of such paranormal activity as ghosts seen, moans and voices heard, and cold spots felt. At the root of the haunting is a story as old as America, some believe. This haunted mansion, affectionately nicknamed, "The House that Reeks of Death,' is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. But why does the house reek of death...

Hauntings in America: The Hannah House of Indianapolis


Funny Pictures Of The Day - 91 Pics

Sallie House Ghost

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the cliff house California - site of many ghost sightings


20 Best Ghost Pictures and Video of 2014: Hospice Ghost

20 Best Ghost Pictures and Video of 2014

One of the most haunted places in the world is Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It is said that people that visited the old uninhabited hospital have heard doors slamming, a child crying and seen a woman with bleeding wrists. They have also seen a hearse appear in the back of the hospital dropping off coffins. Many have seen lights in the windows even when the power was turned off.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium | Incredible Dot Com

Mary Kings Close. If you take a "ghost tour" take Mary Kings Close. This is the only tour that you will see the real underground. There is...

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haunted place in Colorado.


5 Most Haunted places in Florida ~~ This is at Lake Okeechobee, Florida

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Those traveling to the most haunted city in America, New Orleans, will have more then enough scares and ghost destinations to explore.

Your definitive ghost guide to New Orleans

The haunted home of Annabelle the evil doll and other occult artifacts! This is a creepy place.

Warren Occult Museum