A4 giclee toadstool woodland print by maggiemagoodesigns on Etsy

Print toadstool mushroom woodland giclee illustration A4

This fun toadstools print was designed by MaggieMagoo Designs. It was inspired by a love of nature & exploring the English countryside with Maggie, my mischievous terrier. This is a limited edition print with a run of 200 and is signed and numbered.

raindrops of color

paper craft cloud and rain. Could do the rain drops with finger prints.

In the modern age the colors of pink, turquoise, and chartreuse replace the traditional bright red and greens and white. ,

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Guys in Your Life

I have yet to meet the card to replace this as my all-time favorite Christmas card. Not only is it very Mid Century Modern in the style of the graphics, the colors used on this card are perfection.