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8 Surprising Reasons Agave is Bad for You | Although advertised as a healthy sweetener, there are actually many reasons why #agave is bad for you - or at least no better than #sugar. #nutrition

Jenn's Mexican Sloppy Joes look soooo amazing! via @Veggie_Inspired

Need some cookout inspiration? Dianne's got you. via @diannewenz

Doesn't Kristina's lemony smoothie look like the perfect start to the day? via @spabettie

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Burgers - dairy-free, egg-free veggie burgers (brands and recipes!)

Non Dairy vs Dairy Free - Why One May Contain Milk (and how to avoid them!)

Sarah's black bean spread, you guys! via @frieddandelions

JL's pressure cooker tempeh curry looks so amazing! via @jlgoesvegan

Instant ice cream is my kind of ice cream! via @audreysnowe

Dianne's avocado chickpea salad looks so good! via @diannewenz

I wish every day were Hummus Day! via @geekypoet

Dairy-Free Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Cupcakes - vegan, gluten-free, allergy-friendly recipe!

May is #CeliacAwarenessMonth. If you are looking for healthy, #glutenfree, #vegan #recipes, this is a great roundup!

These stuffed shrooms, y'all! via @veganyackattack

These pressure cooker beans are in my regular meal rotation right now. via @kitteekake

Don't these strawberry mango tacos look super refreshing? via @veggiessave

Madeline made her own sugar cubes, and they're beautiful. via @madelineheising

These jerk jackfruit tacos look so good! via @sweetpotatosoul

Vegan Za'atar Breadsticks |

Simple and clean flapjack, vegan, no refined sugars,no dairy, just pure deliciousness - Hedi Hearts