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    Oh my gosh, Annie's new cookbook with Tracey Narayani Glover is gorgeous! via Amber Oliveira

    Poppy's Chilli Tofu looks like a perfect dish for this chilly weather! via Bunny Kitchen

    Erin's vegan pork buns are stuffed with oyster mushroom bacon! YUM. via Olives for Dinner

    You're looking at Kristina's Garlic Spinach Waffles w/Sriracha Whip. I KNOW! via spabettie

    Need some wine for the Thanksgiving table?

    Kristina made this tofu IN THE WAFFLE IRON! She's my hero. via spabettie

    Can you believe that Kathy made this sweet + sour tempeh in her crockpot? via @geekypoet

    Cadry has a couple of vegan Thanksgiving ideas for you. via Cadry's Kitchen

    You can make Annie's Multigrain Muffins with chocolate or blueberries! via Amber Oliveira

    I love how Lindsay sliced the squash into rounds for this beautiful salad! via Running With Tongs

    Cadry shares an ordinary day of easy vegan eats. via Cadry's Kitchen

    Enter to win SunCoast Gold Macadamia Milk from Ricki Heller! via Ricki Heller

    Kathy's Potato Enchiladas look like perfection! via @geekypoet

    No issue is more pressing and more ignored than eating animals.

    Forget avocado toast! Jackie's Sesame Avocado Crostini is where it's at! via Vegan Yack Attack

    Robin's Spinach & White Bean Quesadillas are just gorgeous! via @GlobalVegan

    Richa's garlic flatbread has no yeast, so it doesn't need hours to rest. via Vegan Richa

    Pumpkin Chia Muffins with Chosen Foods

    Kristina made these Roasted Poblano Chilaquiles with pumpkin tortilla chips! via spabettie

    Richa's Samosa Pinwheels have all the samosa goodness without deep frying! via Vegan Richa

    Not a fan of coconut oil coffee, but Poppy may win me over with this mocha! via Bunny Kitchen

    Brandi used cashew butter to make this 20 Minute Vegan Alfredo! via @thevegan8

    Erin's Thai-style pizza is smothered in spicy peanut sauce! via Olives for Dinner

    Macadamia milk is a new kid on the non-dairy block. Win some from Ricki! via Ricki Heller