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    Mihl's green bean soup with smoky vegan sausage looks amazing! via @seitanismymotor

    Confession:I've never had chop suey or a desire to eat chop suey. UNTIL TODAY! via @Kelmishka

    Love this simple tomato pesto recipe from Vegan Eats and Treats!

    Surely Taco Thursday is a thing...

    Homemade tea can be very simple or more complicated, and you can customize your recipes to suit your own tastes. These are some of our favorite hand-crafted tea ideas to stock your pantry or for your gift list!

    Cherries and nectarines and booze, oh my!

    That time Jeanee wrote a sangria recipe for my blog, and it was amazing! Hilary Mathes

    Rose walks you through making this decadent cashew yogurt, step by step. via @RosanneTobin

    I want to put Angela's fruit and veggie salsa on all of the food! via Angela @ Canned Time Ⓥ

    LucidEnergy has devised a system to get hydroelectric power from city water supply pipes.

    Driscoll's says that its strawberry seedlings will now be organic. Here's why that matters.

    In which Cadry makes me want to eat at Candle 79 immediately! via Cadry's Kitchen

    I can't wait to make Sarah's pumpkin seed granola bars! via Fried Dandelions

    What is it about ranch that is so addictive?

    Poppy's pomegranate pilaf is just plain pretty! via Bunny Kitchen

    Cooking with Coconut Oil – 8 Recipes to Try | Mindful Momma

    Kittee buffaloed some cauliflower. via @kitteekake

    The homemade chive cheese that Bianca used in this TLT looks ah-mazing! via Bianca Phillips

    Kurtz's journey from severe obesity to plant-based health inspired him to organize the Food=Medicine Conference here in Atlanta with a stellar line-up of nutritional pros talking about the whys and hows of a plant-based lifestyle.