For gorgeous containers, use the Thriller/Spiller/Filler method.

For gorgeous containers, use the Thriller/Spiller/Filler method. Gorgeous potted plants at this link

Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding heart plant is a native of the Asian continent and the other name is Dicentra spectabilis. This is an old-fashioned herbaceous plant, which is perennial in nature. It is famous for the unusual heart shaped flowers and has beautiful foliage.

Hundred-year-old Rhododendron.  I am in awe.

This rhododendron tree is over 100 years old! The Rhododendron grows in the form of bush or small tree - depending on the variety, the bush can grow anywhere from inches to 98 feet in height!

Fast growing ground cover, Purple Cascading Aubrieta.

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purple and peacock wedding bouquet

Purple peacock bouquet - I love the flowers, I'd take the peacock feathers out though.

Cherry Blossom in snow

This a picture of a cherry blossom in the snow. This links into my theme of 'green' because in this picture the cherry blossom flowers are exactly the same as they are in other seasons but the only thing different is that there is snow on the plant.

Lavender fields ~  Provence ~ Comes with dog in window...

Lavender Fields in Provence, France - photo by Oliver Thirion - I know these are lavender plants but they are the most amazing blue color in this photo .

Stream of Flowers so lovely!

20 Beauty Spring Flower Pictures – Creative Home & Garden Photography Ideas - Bored Fast Food

White Roses with Blue Orchids! This is so beautiful.

"White Roses with Blue Orchids Bridal Bouquet. I don't like the roses but definitely the orchids!" Need the orchids for my party

so pretty

Old Hat - picket fences can age so beautifully. Gardens: Old white picket garden fence and flowers.

climbing hydrangea....I love!!!!

pretty but i can never get hydrangeas to gorw.besides they probably take too much water :( Climbing hydrangea, flowers, white, gardening, landscaping

Double Oriental Lily, Sweet Rosy. Absolutely stunning!

Double Oriental Lily "Sweet Rosy" Double light pink flowers with white heart