Signs Funny

Ho Made Apple Butter ! apple butter is always better when it's made by ho's LOL

That's what I thought too

Science Cat: "It took me an insanely long time to realize that these were in fact not tiny brontosauruses.

Remember that!

So wrong of me but def. how I feel working in retail !

"How do you breathe out of that thing?"

the joke: what did the elephant say to the naked man? "how do you breathe out of that tiny thing?


Who’s church is this?

Don't know whose church this is, but. it ain't Peter's church!

har har

Something Touched My Foot - Horse Goes Flying After Hoof Touches Beach Water ---- LOL! This is me in the ocean, or lake, or river.any kind of water!


This is so me! Remix to I'm a little tea pot

too funny

The later years

Super Mario and Peach now.u can tell that mario hasnt been runing his laps

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 91 Pics

A customer almost died in front of me today. Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 91 Pics

The time they didn’t think out this sign’s layout better: | 29 Times That Walmart Was The Best At Failing

Excuse Me.We prefer to be called "White Folk"! A grocery store isle sign listing items in the isle as Asian Foods, Hispanic Foods and Crackers.