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The blue/green octopus Poul is seen placed on a wooden fish box. Poul is a weighted device and can be used sitting: Its tentacles can be placed around the waist and between the legs of the user, so that the weight is placed over the entire lap and around the waist and defines the body. Octopus, Husk, Rabat, Bring It On, Lovely, Maritime, Give, Person, Soft
Poul The Octopus Weight "Blanket"
Poul The Octopus is a great example of a 'teddy bear with weight', which can be used both sitting and lying down, and where the weight contributes to calmness and well-being for the user. Its head has big, catchy eyes and some small, frilly ears that are really cute to touch. Poul is made of lovely soft and tactilely inspiring fabric, which brings to mind the maritime environment and looks like a living specimen of an octopus.
The picture shows the robotic and pretty cat, metaCat. It is shaped from the looks of the Ragdoll cat breed. It is soft and reacts to caresses and voice commands. It has a strong vibrating purr when you stroke its fur. Perfect for persons with cognitive decline whether it is from disease, accident, birth or likewise People, Paros, Cats, Kat, Ragdoll, Joy, Lost, Create, Sit
metaCat Robotic Cat and companion
The little cat - metaCat - is a so-called interactive social robot or dementia cat. It is fantastic for elderly people with cognitive challenges such as dementia etc. It spreads joy and a feeling of safety and peace and can create contact, even for persons that have lost their language. It is also good for creating activity, e.g. when you sit and brush or caress it.
Komp Communication Screen is a well designed technology that can be placed in any home and be used to keep a good communication between family members, especially elderly living in their own home but far from their close relatives or friends Distance, Fotos, Beautiful, Woman, Picture, Members, Care, Family, Strong
Komp Communication Screen and app for easy video calls with family members
The picture shows Komp Communication Screen with a woman waiting to talk to her family member through the screen. The caller appears after 10 seconds and the user doesn't have to do anything to take the call. Komp keeps family close by and secures a strong connection between family members no matter the physical distance
Somnox 2 with a sleeping woman in a bed. She holds the front of the device with a hand to feel it's breathing movements Exercises, Meditation, Hart, Fred, Breathe, Exercise, Medical, Racing Thoughts, Relax
Somnox 2 Breathing Robot
The Somnox 2 is an ergonomical device, designed to help you fall asleep more easily. It has a strong and rhytmic 'breath' that you can feel when holding its frontside. Use it every night and track your sleep through the app afterwards. Somnox 2 is also great for meditating, stress relief and likewise every day. Comes with soft music or you can stream your own music, e-books, podcasts and more to Somnox 2 when using it.
Award-winning Danish Design: RotoBed Care Bed rotates you in and out of bed without assistance every day Design, Home Décor, Home, Bed, Chair, Home Decor, Haus, Elegant Design, Colours
RotoBed Gets You Out Of Bed In A Few Seconds Without Assistance
RotoBed is an award-winning Danish care bed in an elegant design. It will assist you in getting in and out of bed every day and comes in many different colours and fabrics.
FEMINA tester: Det geniale grydelåg Décor, Tester, Saucer, Hobby, Decor
FEMINA tester: Det geniale grydelåg
FEMINA tester: Det geniale grydelåg
UV BENCH is a new and elegant furniture that quickly disinfect everyday objects for virus and bacteria. A sustainable, decorative and functional new kind of furniture! Technology, Cleaning, Public, Disinfect, Chemicals, Smart Design, Furniture Decor, Offices, Everyday Objects
UV BENCH: Disinfection in only 10 seconds of everyday objects
UV BENCH is a new kind of welfare technology: A disinfectant furniture. UV BENCH cleans everyday objects for bacteria and virus in only 10 seconds. When not in use for disinfectant purposes it is an elegant and decorative furniture for offices, institutions, schools, museums and likewise. It minimizes the use of chemicals and is a sustainable and functional investment for the private and public sector.
Body Dryer OZ Wind Premium Bath, Dryer, Sensor, Wind, Canning, Body, Outdoor Bed, Levels
OZ Wind Body Dryer
Our new body dryer, OZ Wind Body Dryer, can assist you in the bathroom and make you more self reliant after the bath. It has 2 temperature levels and is sensor controlled for easier use.
Wall Mounted Sensor Dispenser OTTO from Umbra Umbra, Led, Support Mural, Lotion Dispenser, Dispenser, Soap Pump, Hand Soap Dispenser
OTTO Sensor Dispenser - Wall Mounted
Our popular sensor dispenser OTTO from Umbra can now be mounted on the wall and filled with hand sanitizer gel, hand soap, lotion, sulfo or likewise. Easy to mount, easy to use!
Path Finder is a laser unit that is attached to the front of each shoe with a rubber strap and that with a clear green line guides a user to walk more freely without freeze of gait. Freeze, Assistive Devices, Rubber, Parkinsons Disease, Pathfinder, Feet, Disease, Finder
Path Finder - Visuel Stimuli - Lysstriber Viser Vej
Path Finder is an innovative and award-winning assistive device that helps a user walk. The technology is especially aimed at users with Parkinson's Disease or other neurodegenerative disease who have difficulty walking, e.g. 'freeze of gait'. Pathfinder consists of 2 laser units, which are attached with rubber straps to each shoe and emit a clear green line in front of one foot, which is used to guide a user to step across the line, whereby a new line appears in front of the other foot.
NexStride is a walking device that consists of 3 items that are linked together: A device with 2 buttons to place on the handle of a rollator or a cane, a small adjustable cord and a unit with laser light and metronome-sound to be placed on the shaft of a cane or on the frame of a rollator. Easy to mount and to use in daily life. Usb, Inventions, Health, Gaming Products, Electronic Products, Phone Support, It Works, Overcoming, Laser Lights
NexStride: Visual and Auditory Guide against Freeze of Gait for People with Parkinson's
NexStride is a newly invented and award-winning aid from the USA, which is mounted on a cane or a rollator and which with clear sound signals (as a metronome) and a laser light assists people with e.g. Parkinson's with walking.
DeskBike F209DT is a small and adjustable table combined with a bike. It is easily adjusted to your height and working position as well as how much load you want on the pedals. DeskBike can be used in the home office, at work as an active coffee break or just as an exercise device while watching the tv or reading a magazine. Home Office, Fitness, Desk Workout, Standing Desk Converter, Standing Desk Office, Office Exercise, Work Station Desk, Adjustable Standing Desk
DeskBike - Exercise While You Work
DeskBike is a new invention and very useful as it perfect for the homeoffice or as an exercise device. It has 8 levels of loads and 4 wheels so that it is easy to move around. Easy to assemble (or disassemble if need be). Cup holder and a display with distance, calories, time spent, speed, ODO and more.
Bluereo Electric Toothbrush is a useful device when you (as a caretaker) assist persons with brushing their teeth. It has LED-light so it is easy to see everything in the mouth and when pressing a button the suction starts. Teething, Electric, Electric Toothbrush, Toothbrush Heads, Brushing Teeth, Led Lights, Teeth
Bluereo Electric Toothbrush with LED-light and suction
Award-winning and innovative aid: The world's first electric toothbrush with suction and LED light in the toothbrush head. Bluereo G100 makes it easier for caregivers to assist people who are not able to brush their teeth themselves, e.g. due to accident, chronic illness, amputation, cognitive impairment, etc.
Gloriosa Care Bed looks like an elegant hotel bed, it has the same nursing facilities as any other care bed but it looks nothing like them. Elegant design and high quality - and lots of accessories to go with it. Storage Ideas, Storage, Madras, Hotel
Gloriosa Care Bed in Hotel Design
Gloriosa Care Bed looks nothing like an ordinary care bed. It comes in different colours, fabrics and woods and can be adjusted to your needs. Your home doesn't have to look like a hospital just because you need a care bed!
Umbra Shoehorn has an elegant design, a nice handle and can be stored away anywhere. But it will look much nicer hanging on your wall by the door for everyone to use. 44,5 cm long, 340 g and comes with a strap and in a nice gift box. Horn, Shoe Horn, Wishbone Chair, Parasol, Long Handles, Aluminium Design, Handle, Aluminum
Useful and Elegant Shoehorn
Every once in a while you will have troubles getting your shoes on - but with this shoehorn (44,5 cm long) the problem is easily solved. It looks nice in your home - and it is a great gift for your friends or family members!