Giovanni Gonzalez

Giovanni Gonzalez

I am a collage student at SCAD Savannah
Giovanni Gonzalez
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Keep this in your heart for them....when that day comes, as no one gets to stay.

Last will and testament of a pet .totally made me cry! Remember, there are always gonna be animal shelters that are trying to find animals a good home. If a pet has truly changed your life, why couldn't another animal?

How to get rid of a double chin

It’s time to get beach ready! That includes that stubborn chin area. According to Livestrong, some people are genetically prone to developing double chins as they age, but that doesn’t mean you’re powerless.


The Best Kept Secret Of Tibet: This Natural Elixir, Made In A Moment, Can Extend Your Life - Health Awareness Community

Passage To The Sea, Isle Of Crete, Greece

passageway to the sea - isle of crete, greece. I love me some Greek ideas. Also this passageway has been in a dream of mine but there were photos on the walls.