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Pan-Fried Venison Steak

Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat and Love Handles..

The belly fat and love handles is one of the most difficult tasks as it is the hardest targeting area when you are talking about weight loss or good looking physique. Then you have to do workout to get rid of love handles and belly fat, if you serious abo

30 Day Squat Challenge - Take Your Butt from Flat to Full

Bikini seasons is nearly here. Take this 30 day squat challenge to whip your butt into shape and trim your inner and outer thighs.- I'm doing this challenge. Since I might not see you for 30 days you get to determine if it worked.

10 Minutes Core Blasting Pilates Workout

The 10-Minute Core-Blasting Pilates Workout

These are my fave Pilates core moves.Try this 10 minute core blasting Pilates workout!

13 Different Ways to Make Hummus

Friday Things

How to Make Hummus: Recipes for Hummus Variations-Shape Magazine (just tried the standard hummus one word delicious.

Rhythm Legging in Coral Fusion by BEYOND YOGA - Barre Class Trend Guide

Rhythm Legging in Coral Fusion by BEYOND YOGA - Barre Class Trend Guide - wow, I think if I could have these, I would start exercising.

LOVE the open backs on these cute sports bras! I'll take one of each please! #dreamcloset #fitfam #fashion #fitness

This sexy sports bra features an intricate open back detail. The contrasting back straps provide support and an elegant touch. This low to medium impact sports bra would be perfect for a hot yoga clas

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