Leslie Stanley

Leslie Stanley

Infuriatingly humble communicator. Freelance bacon trailblazer. Problem solver. Pop culture geek.
Leslie Stanley
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Target area workout guide. Pick what area you want to work on and it gives you specific muscles in that area. You pick which ones you want to work and it gives you exercises. health-fitness

Exercise Finder- Click the part of the body you want to work on and it suggests work outs

Newspaper nails, Im going to try this!! #beauty #ideas #makeup #nails #newspaper espejito-espejito

Paint on desired nail polish color and let dry completely. Cut strips of newspaper big enough to cover your entire nail. Dip nail in rubbing alcohol then cover nail completely with newspaper strip. Pull of slowly and enjoy!

less tangling, more cute. someday

DIY tangle-free headphones with embroidery floss! AT LAST my frayed nerves from my ever-tangled iPod earbuds will get a break! Now if only they could find a way to embroidery-floss my PhD I would be ever so grateful.

dream dream dream dream nest

This century home, known as the 'Block House' for its granite exterior, is one of the oldest houses in Stamford, Conn. The two-acre property has a pool and historic ruins in the backyard.