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of Cereal. I know this is a lady, but downsize this adorable costume for a little one and represent their favorite fruity cereal using pool noodles and a homemade bowl. Source: Studio DIY of

Al and Peggy in Love!, Peggy and Al Bundy Costume

Lenzi: My husband and I were invited to an themed costume party. We decided to be Peggy and Al Bundy. We got our costume supplies at Goodwill, Dollar Mania, and.

Once upon a time, when people spent $75 on a plastic, cheap-looking Halloween costume from Party City, matching costumes were considered corny, nerdy, and eyeroll worthy. Now, in the year 2016, when people spend a lot of time creating their own costume and even more time searching for them on Pinterest, matching costumes are considered cute, fun, and often really creative. This is true for both couples and costumes and best friend costumes.

Slinky Dog from Toy Story Costume Materials: Felt different colors Stuffing Cardboard for top part of the mouth Puffballs for nose Foam for both parts of the mouth Slinky part from HVAC vent tubing (cut off the black outside) No pattern used

amazing half up half down classic wedding hairstyles

amazing half up half down classic wedding hairstyles