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    Minions Movie Night and Peeps #PeepsHoliday | The Night Owl Mama

    Snack lovers favorite holiday tradition is back! Play #STSTripleTurbo for a chance to win one of four $500 grand prizes!

    Flatbreads can be a great holiday appetizer, especially when they're as delicious as this! Try this simple and delicious flatbread recipe with Diamond Crystal® Sea Salt. #DiamondCrystalSalt

    This is so going on my winter bucket list > Dan Leader's 4-Hour Baguette via Food52 #DiamondCrystalSalt

    Diamond Crystal® Kosher Salt can help enhance the flavor of any dish! #DiamondCrystalSalt

    Serve these Crispy Cornmeal Sweet Potato Fries with some holiday cocktails and watch them disappear! Crunchy, sweet and savory! #DiamondCrystalSalt

    Move over brisket, there is a new love in town and my holiday brunch will be all over this Oven-Smoked Pastrami #DiamondCrystalSalt

    A brilliant salted caramel recipe. A great treat for when you're entertaining! #DiamondCrystalSalt

    This luscious 4-layer pumpkin cake is one of our favorite desserts for the holiday season, making a beautiful presentation with layers of cake and cream. #DiamondCrystalSalt

    If you do anything this holiday season, make fresh pasta! A basic recipe for fresh egg pasta #DiamondCrystalSalt

    Cheese plates and crackers with Diamond Crystal® Sea Salt are a great and easy holiday appetizer. Here's some fun inspiration for your appetizer spread! #DiamondCrystalSalt #holiday #Inspiration

    A super simple casserole made with refrigerated biscuits, eggs, cheese, and bacon. Easy peasy. #DiamondCrystalSalt

    One Pot Wonder to the rescue. When you are out enjoying the holiday season, this quick dinner is should be on the menu: Tomato Basil Pasta Recipe #DiamondCrystalSalt

    Diamond Crystal® Kosher Salt provides brilliant flavor and blendability when cooking! #DiamondCrystalSalt

    Save some of those candy canes to make these Dipped Chocolate Peppermint Cookies! Santa will be thrilled that you did! #DiamondCrystalSalt

    Diamond Crystal® Sea Salt comes from the San Francisco Bay Area, which is ideal for salt-making thanks to the shallow topography, clay soils, and Mediterranean climate. #DiamondCrystalSalt

    Season scallops with a pinch of Diamond Crystal® Fine Sea Salt before searing in a very hot pan to caramelize scallops easily. #DiamondCrystalSalt

    This Hippie Chocolate Bark is amazing! #DiamondCrystalSalt Dark chocolate loaded with fruits, nuts and seeds. Learn how to create chocolate bark with just one baking sheet. | Caroline | Taste Love & Nourish on TasteLoveAndNouri...

    Make this delicious broccoli casserole for any family dinner or holiday meal. It will soon become a favorite side dish! #DiamondCrystalSalt

    Give your chocolate a merry makeover with 10 ways to spike your hot chocolate #DiamondCrystalSalt

    Add a boost of flavor to your favorite colorful fall veggies with Diamond Crystal® Sea Salt. Click the pin to see our recipe for Napa Style Roasted Vegetables. #DiamondCrystalSalt #recipe

    These Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels are so lovely for gift-giving or for sneaking in between gift wrapping! #DiamondCrystalSalt

    Box Nine Magazine: Holiday 2014 Christmas Bucket list ... this is not your grandmother's idea of a good time. #DiamondCrystalSalt

    Diamond Crystal® Kosher Salt can help add an extra burst of flavor to any meal. It's even endorsed by the American Culinary Federation! #DiamondCrystalSalt

    This wonderful mix of sweet caramelized pear with buttery Brie and a touch of honey make these tartines a great holiday appetizer. #DiamondCrystalSalt

    Making chicken stock from scratch? Try rubbing the chicken bones with Diamond Crystal® Kosher Salt, then rinse well. The salt helps remove impurities from the bones, resulting in a clearer stock. #DiamondCrystalSalt

    Diamond Crystal® Sea Salt can help enhance the flavor of your favorite holiday dishes. Cooking #DiamondCrystalSalt #tip

    Ice votives for outdoor parties make for a simple and inexpensive way to add rustic style #DiamondCrystalSalt

    These Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels are so lovely for gift-giving or for sneaking in between gift wrapping! #DiamondCrystalSalt

    Looking for an easy and simple holiday appetizer recipe? Try these spiced pecans with Diamond Crystal® Kosher Salt! #DiamondCrystalSalt #recipe

    An impressive, one-pot meal perfect for entertaining? Your holiday wishes have come true with this Coq au Vin Blanc! #DiamondCrystalSalt

    From our family to yours, Happy Holidays. Every year we do this and every year I am so happy we do. >> How to make salt dough by Coryanne Ettiene #DiamondCrystalSalt

    Salt is an important ingredient in baking and cooking. Make sure you stock up on Diamond Crystal® Food Salt! #DiamondCrystalSalt