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Patience is a virtue, when there are witnesses around.

No one wants to hear my problems so I keep it all inside. I can handle it

I hide my tears so people won't pity me. I talk so people won't ask why I'm quiet. I'm not happy, and I can never be in this world, but I pretend like I am so people won't try and make me happy.

Damn straight!! Integrity... Most people don't even know what that means

How you treat people tells everything.

At any given moment, you have the power to say: This is NOT how the story is going to end.

You choose how the story ends, not the other way round.

Life Quotes, Life Sayings, Life Quote Graphics {This is such a true phrase EVERYONE! ~Especially teens; take a look here.... There are many people who will talk about you behind your back; so you want to try to remember how that feels before you talk about another behind their back.}

Yes.this is so true.my momma always said if a dog took a bone.he would carry a bone.same thing.I say if you are confiding to a close person in your life.that is not gossip.gossip to me is mean spirited.and I do not gossip.

God said No...

To love others as God does! They nailed Jesus to a cross and I struggle to forgive a hurtful coworker!

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Rebel circus quotes

if my jokes offend you

To solve a problem you have to recognize your share of responsibility. If you only blame the others, you will never solve it.

34 Life Tips/Quotes for a better day

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the choice us yours whether to spend time attention and affection with someone or not. if you are not , you made that choice perfectly clear.

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