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Vintage Times Square 1950s via Christian Montone on Flickr

Vintage Times Square via Christian Montone on Flickr

Candy store, Pitt Street, 1937 by Walter Rosenblum

The Amphicar amphibious vehicle Ay-Ell on the River Tai, Scotland, During the salmon fishing season, 1964. Fox Photos, Getty Images

Automodul Jean Pierre Ponthieu was the center of attention at the opening of the first Racing Car and Cycle of Paris, February 21, 1970. Created as a promotional vehicle and described it as "The Car of the Year 2000". Featured a 250cc single-cylinder engine and could do wheelies and turn on itself.

Bob Longpre Pontiac, Monrovia CA, 1950s via Alden Jewell on Flickr

11th May 1961: Salesman Mike Dreschler has his motorised roller skates refuelled at a petrol station near Hartford, Connecticut. He has a single horsepower air-cooled engine strapped to his back and holds a clutch, accelerator and engine cut-off switch in his hand. (Photo by F. Roy Kemp/BIPs/Getty Images)

A woman watches a parade of different Fiat models driven around the test track of Fiat’s Mirafiori plant in Turin, Italy. PHOTOGRAPH BY B. ANTHONY STEWART, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

A fire hydrant refreshes youngsters on a hot day in Harlem, New York, 1977. PHOTOGRAPH BY LEROY H. WOODSON, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

Free calisthenics lessons are given daily for beach visitors in Long Island, New York, 1939. PHOTOGRAPH BY WILLARD CULVER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

A policeman directs buses in the intersection of Trafalgar Square in London, May 1929. PHOTOGRAPH BY CLIFTON R. ADAMS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

Frontier Club, Fremont Street, Las Vegas. Apparently a Rat Pack favourite.

Jet Set Coffee Shop: August 29, 1962. "TWA terminal, Idlewild, New York. Union News restaurants.

Seattle's Hat n' Boots gas station, 1954

Photographer: Danny Lyon - Chicago. 1965. Uptown. Four youngsters.

Photographer: Danny Lyon - Chicago, Illinois. 1965. New York Eddie's.

Photographer: Danny Lyon - Chicago. 1965. Uptown. Three young men.

Green County 4-H Club girl, Helen Haldeman of Monroe, poses in the Madison Gas and Electric Co. demonstration kitchen, while she competes in the state cherry pie baking contest (1932).

Beauty Is As Beauty Does,1950. via Paul Malon on Flickr

Love the colour coordinated Chevy truck and Traveleze trailer. (It's a Department of Agriculture, Forest Service truck) From This 35mm Kodachrome found in a thrift store is dated August 1959 and bears the notation "Jim, Bristlecone."

1960s: Mini Skirts Shortened

April 1936. "Sneaking under the circus tent. Roswell, New Mexico." Photo by Arthur Rothstein for the Resettlement Administration.