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Banish Clutter: How to Organize Every Room in Your Home | Martha Stewart Living - "Clutter-free" are the two most beautiful words in the English language. We offer our best tips to help you tackle the mess and spruce up your living space -- one room at a time. #clutterfree #organizingyourhome

My Extreme Minimalist Kitchen Experiment: Finding out how few things you need in your kitchen! #minimalism #minimalistkitchen #minimalistcook #minimalistmom

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Seven styling tips to incorporate hygge into your home. Also includes a visual guide to the do’s and don’ts of hygge decor, what hygge means and how to properly pronounce it.

'Hygge' is the Danish concept of "winter coziness." If you want to actually enjoy Winter, click through for 29 cozy-fying, awesome ideas!