Matte Beauty

Dark lipstick back into fall makeup trends. The celebrities, fashion models, and women become more frequent lately daub dark lipstick color to display bold

Fall/Winter  Style  2014

Madeleine Camel Coat in full length style. This is your basic classic winter coat; a coat that will surely shake off that cold day. I own a coat like this and love the idea that it is warm and cozy.

Spotted this gorgeous medium length ombre hair with a few thin streaks in purple, green and orange. Colab eyewear photographed by Christopher Morris. More Hair Styles Like This!

Pearls ...So beautiful !

Liv Taylor classy with Pearls .So beautiful.but they have to be real! I am in love with my pearls!

Looking at thighs and hips like these makes me come over all unnecessary

Plus size fashion styles / beauty Bbw big beautiful woman with confidence. Curves swag confidence and attitude.

Silver hair

Glitter and more glitter - Ellis faas. Yes , I could have this much glitter as I won't have any hair💇💇